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HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht - Healthcare
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This course has a specific focus on Gerontechnology in practice. Gerontechnology is an interdisciplinary academic and professional field combining gerontology and technology. Gerontechnology concerns matching technological environments to the needs of ageing people in health, housing, mobility, transport, leisure and work, while also giving attention to communication and governance in relation to questions asked by ageing persons. Evidence practice coming from engineering disciplines (e.g. design, engineering), the health professions (nursing, medicine, gerontology, geriatrics, environmental psychology, developmental psychology) are lectured together with practical assignments in order to create an optimum living environment for the widest range of ages. 

World-wide society is changing; areas are urbanized, people are ageing and there is a rapid rate of technology development. The course pertains to the challenges of (i) Health and demographic change and wellbeing, (ii) Smart, green and integrated transport and (iii) Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies. To find practical solutions to address the issue of urbanization and ageing, the perspective of Gerontechnology is introduced. Gerontechnology in practice focus on finding technological solutions and design features in products and services that address ageing persons’ ambitions and needs. Technology and design can support older people to age-in place and or support them in experiencing quality of life during residential care. In addition, technology and design can be provided to assist ageing adults in their daily activities, while still living at home. In the built environment technology and design can be used to create healthy environments (healing environments) or may be used to prevent older people’s health to deteriorate further. On city level a focus is laid on how to create a city environment that facilitates older people’s mobility and transport. Moreover, aspects of human factors are addressed, as technology and design solutions are to be utilized by all citizens, including those with special needs. Proceedings within the domain of Gerontechnology are combined to transitions in urban areas and in healthcare. The aforementioned developments are the focus of this course, which consists of workshops, lectures and excursions. In analogy with the Gerontechnology matrix the following themes will be discussed in detail: 1. Understanding Gerontechnology in practice, 2. Learning about faults and failures in communication from Gerontechnology perspective; 3. Health and Self-esteem; 4. Housing and daily activities; 5. Comfort, Care and Lighting, 6. (Room) Acoustic, sound and daily performance, 7. Mobility and transport for older persons, 8. Mobility and transport, 9. Design for Dementia

Our (inter)national speakers, who have a background in Gerontechnology, reflect the international character of the summer course.

During this course there will be several site-visits to age-friendly environments

Course director

Prof. dr. Helianthe Kort

Course aim

Enhancement of the knowledge in health and engineering through:
- Introduction in health and engineering
- Enhancement of state of the art knowledge
- Excursions and assignments

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Day programme from 09:00 - 16:00 hours


Course fee
€ 600.00
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€ 350.00

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Application deadline: 30 June 2019