ECTMIH Academy presents Karijn Kakebeeke - Technical Workshop Photovoice

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Photovoice is a qualitative research method used in community-based participatory research that gathers participant-taken photographs and narratives to translate experience into actionable knowledge. Photovoice is commonly used in the fields of community development, international development, public health, and education. In a photovoice study, participants are asked to express their points of view or represent their communities by photographing anything significant to them related to the research themes. In this technical workshop, we will work around the concept of planetary health in line with the ECTMIH conference' main theme. Note, both participants and non-participants of the ECTMIH conference are able to participate in this workshop.

This is a unique opportunity to engage with a widely applicable methodology for which in-depth training is sparse. Fun fact, the outcome of this workshop will be showcased during the conference for further engagement with a broader audience.

This workshop entails two parts

Part 1: Online, Asynchronous

- Participants receive an online presentation introducing photovoice and working with photographs prior to the face to face workshop. If your are travelling from abroad to the ECTMIH conference, this part can be done in your home country, further contributing to the richness of the workshop.

- The research question will focus on "planetary health" (to align with the ECTMIH conference taking place the respective week of the face to face workshop). However, the methods and understanding of photovoice will be transferable to other research questions.

Part 2: Face to Face, Utrecht University Green offices (TBC); Monday the 20th of November, 9.30am till 2pm (CET)

With the preparation done, we will jumpstart into the data analysis part of photovoice whereby participants "move" from an individual response to the research question to a collective answer. The workshop will roughly include:

  • Introduction
  • Recap to online material and explanation of the photovoice methodology
  • The selection process: selecting the photographs that are most relevant to the research method
  • The contextualisation process: agreeing collectively on the meaning of the visual data collected
  • The categorisation process: arranging the photographs into identified themes of collective denominators that lead to your conceptual framework
  • Reflection on the process / discussion around possible applications in the field
  • Q&A

The result from this workshop will lead to a small scale exhibition during the ECTMIH conference where conference attendees and public are enticed to participate in creating the collective meaning.

Course director
Dr. Martin Heine, Chair of the ECTMIH education committee


About Karijn
Growing up abroad instilled me with a fascination for what makes us all the same yet different – what moves us and what gets us moving? Back in the Netherlands I studied Cultural Anthropology, then worked as a researcher for a television documentary company before ending up in photojournalism. To this day, I still have the same fascination. What ‘cross-pollination’ happens when certain political decisions or changes in society bring upheaval to existing cultures or structures? My personal projects are driven by my motivation to have a greater understanding of what certain things that I read or hear about in the news actually mean. By focusing on people living the stories we read or hear about, I try to make the abstract tangible. I thereby use a visual language that is without frills or scripted reality – it’s content is intended to be contemplative. I do not particularly aim at showing my personal opinion but much rather want to encourage the viewer to make their own reflections and draw their own conclusions.

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Target audience

This workshop is particularly relevant for those working (academically, or otherwise) with hard to reach and vulnerable populations. While this workshop is aligned with the ECTMIH conference on global health and its main theme "Planetary Health", everyone with an interest can register.

Aim of the course

Why: To introduce participants one the method of photovoice within the context of planetary health.

  • To offer alternative and participatory ways of data collection directly involving the communities concerned

  • To understand the added take aways of using visuals as a means of data collection, collective reflection and critical dialogue

  • To understand the added take aways of using photo voice, not only as a visual participatory research method but also as as process-driven method with means to empower the people you collaborate with.


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  • LMIC** based participants: €100,-

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