Depression Management and Suicide Prevention

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Unfortunately, this course is cancelled this summer due to COVID-19 regulations. We expect to be able to offer this course again next year.

Our aim is to provide you with the latest evidence, knowledge and skills on the area of depression management and suicide prevention. Both are highly prevalent worldwide but they can be prevented and treated with a multidisciplinary approach. In this summer school course we will address the holistic and evidence based modalities to prevent adverse incidents, foster harm reduction and increase the quality of life of patients and family having problems with mood disorders and/or self-destructive behaviour.

The Faculty of Health at the University of Applied Science provides a two-week summer school course: depression management and suicide prevention. You will have the privilege of working with students from 10 to 15 different countries at the university level from various disciplines such as psychology, medicine, sociology, biology, political science, nursing and para-medic. The lectures and workshops will be provided by a competent team of experts who carry decades of clinical experience in working with depression and suicide cases.

We will share our expertise in this area by using a variety of ways to integrate the following teaching methods: relevant scientific overviews by lectures, skill demonstrations, reflective exercises, working groups and student presentations. Therefore you are required to be present for at least 80% of all the lecture hours. On the last day of the course we will provide the certificate of attendance if the following criteria are met: evident active participation in reflective and skill exercises and an active and concrete contribution in the final sub group presentation. The final assignment will be agreed on, on the first day of the course. This assignment will either be focused on depression management and suicide prevention at a specific region in the world or a contribution to a specific discipline regarding the focus of this course. You will be provided with ICT facilities to get to this point and you can also rely on academic supervision during this process of working out your final working group presentation. In specific cases the presentations will be converted into draft articles to be submitted to an international peer reviewed journal. 

If this active participation and academic presentation are not met at the end of the course you will have to deliver a written academic essay about depression management and suicide prevention.

Download the day-to-day programme (PDF)

Course director

Ferdy Pluck


Ferdy Pluck, Marlou de Kuiper, Roland van de Sande,  Roderick van Hilten

Target audience

If you have a Bachelor or Master Degree and you are interested in depression management and/or Suicide prevention, either by profession or by personal experience, you are welcome to this course

Course aim

The participants will acquire knowledge and skills concerning:

  • the latest evidence informed knowledge and skills around the area of depression management and suicide prevention.
  • prevention and treatment possibilities for a multidisciplinary approach.
  • holistic and evidence based modalities to prevent adverse incidents, foster harm reduction and increase the quality of life of patients and family having problems with mood disorders and /or self-destructive behaviour.

Study load

On an average day you have 4 hours of lectures, interactive teaching and practice and 4 hours of self-study or workgroup to prepare your final assignment. A total of 80-100 hours.


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Course fee of €950 is for professionals, both foreign and Dutch. Foreign and non-HU students receive a €300 discount. HU students receive a €900 discount.

Housing through: Utrecht Summer School.

We will be traveling with public transport on two days. The transport for the excursion is not included. It is wise to get a public transport card (either OV card or Utrecht Region Pass) for your time in the Netherlands. it will cost around € 15,00 in travelling expenses.

More information

Ferdy Pluck | E: | T: + 31 6 38293306


Application deadline: 01 May 2020

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