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Prototyping is an important part of product development. A prototype gives the developers and the client the actual feel of a product. Digital manufacturing gives tools to make your prototype. This summer course provides answers to questions on prototyping. Which digital manufacturing techniques are available to make a prototype? How do they work? What can I make with them?

The “Digital manufacturing for prototyping” course guides you in the world of 3D prototyping. In a week you will get familiar with various aspects of digital manufacturing, such as laser cutting, 3D printing, 3D milling, 3D drawing and programming a microcontroller. You learn these techniques by doing and hands-on exploring different perspectives. For example, you first learn how the 3D printer works, followed by hacking the printer to make your own prototype. This course provides you with practical knowledge of the different digital manufacturing tools you can use to make your own prototype.

The alternative 2-week course “Agile prototype your dream” will go a step further. It shares the same first week. In a learning-by-doing Agile Prototyping Innovation lab we take you through a short-cyclic trial-and-error make process to get from idea to a fully functional prototype. This will be accomplished in a shorter time with less costs and less risks.

Course director

Dr. ir. Tim Idzenga


This course is a co-op between University of Applied Sciences and Stichting ProtoSpace (fablab/innovationlab)

Jacob Alkema

Joris van Tubergen

Tim Idzenga

Course aim

Our goal is to make you familiar with the various aspects and techniques of Digital Manufacturing. This course is extreme hands-on and deliberately experiential to develop the practical skills needed for prototyping. You will receive intensive coaching from experienced coaches as you apply best practices for product development.

Study load

It is a 1 weeks learning lab -a non-traditional experiential learning approach-. We will spend many hours on our lab together. Expect full days from 9AM till 6PM (but no homework)!


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Housing through: Utrecht Summer School.

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Application deadline: 01 July 2020