Understanding Europe - Future Talent Program Session 4

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Utrecht University - Utrecht Summer School
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This two-week program is tailored to Chinese students who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the European academic context, and who aim to invest in future careers related to European affairs. It is an immersive English program with courses and accommodations situated at the historical campus of Utrecht University. The program consists of intensive courses and training taught in academic English. The students will develop their skills and knowledge in the areas of presenting and writing, team projects, cross-cultural competence, assessment and development.

The topics we will study during your stay in Utrecht, will help you to understand the complicated structure of Europe and may shed some light on the motives for integration as well as the obstacles on the way to European unity. You will engage with topics such as the emergence and construction of national identities, national identity versus European identity, the cultural heritage of Europe, and the processes of globalization and transnational collaboration. Lectures will focus on the history, social and economic structures, culture, and current political and social debates within the wider European community. At the same time you will improve English listening, spekaing, reading and writing skills. This is done by focuses on: - expanding your vocabulary; - increasing your general conversational skills; - developing your reading skills; - and acquiring learning strategies; - improving pronunciation; - increasing knowledge of grammar; - improving listening skills; - improving writing skills.

The program start on the 27th of July. The Academic part of the program will start on Monday the 29th of July. 

Course director

Danny Nobel

Target audience

This is course is only for students of the Future Talent Program.

Course aim

Understanding Europe is a summer school program for Chinese university students. It is part of the China-Europe Future Talent Program, which is a joint venture by Utrecht University Summer School and Globi, with the support of NUFFIC. This program provides the participants with the experience of studying in Europe, thereby enabling first-hand observation and reflection on European society, culture and daily life. Through interaction and cooperation with students from all over the world, the students will familiarize themselves with a European perspective within their respective academic careers and improve their cross-cultural competence.


Course fee
€ 0.00
Housing fee
€ 0.00

Housing through Utrecht Summer School

The fee is paid via Globi.
Registration Fee for two week program: €2400 per participant, including tuition, accommodation, cultural visits and local transportation.
Registration fee for the three week program comes to a total of €3150, including tuition, accommodation, cultural visits and local transportation.

More information

For questions or further alterations to the program according to your specific needs and requirements, please contact Danny Nobel from Globi via email: summerschool@globi.nl


Application deadline: 28 June 2019