European Encounters: The Baltics in the European Union - Track

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The Baltic States share an intricate history of repression and liberation and are now thriving culturally and economically. Learn about the history and identity of these countries and their connection to the European Union over the course of six inspiring and educational weeks. From lectures to company visits, from museums to the European parliament, you will have a diverse and unforgettable experience in these three distinct yet interconnected countries.

During this course, you will discover what makes Europeans ‘European’. Explore the varied identities that are present in Europe through lectures and day trips, while working together with a host of international students.

Continue your journey north towards Estonia, where you will take a deep dive into Estonian economic innovation and the NATO, the EU and Baltic Regional Security. Enrich your knowledge of international business life through daily company visits, and learn more about the recent history of the Baltic States, so as to expand your view on their current day foreign policy activities. This year the course will focus on the themes of the institutional framework of EU and  Russia relations. The course will explain the role of the main foreign policy actors and institutions in the EU and Russia, which are involved in shaping bilateral relations in contested aspects in EU-Russia relations (for example shared neighbourhood and energy relations).

End this educational journey in the beautiful Latvia, from where you will be taught all about a range current topics in everyday life in the Baltic States. Lectures will have subjects varying from business ethics and corruption, to intercultural communication, and from sustainability to cognitive sciences.

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Course director
Timo Houtekamer, MA, Prof. dr. Andres Kasekamp & Dr. Inese Runce

Target audience

The track is open to all students from different fields of study with an interest in culture, society and politics.

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The aim of this course is to introduce students to European Identities and provide insight into historical and present-day contexts of the Baltic States.

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Full time course, lectures, seminars, excursions and self study.


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