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International Business Management - Track

This special track offers an insight into business issues in an international setting. First you will take a look at the management and leadership skills you need to develop in a global environment. N...

08-July-2019 - 09-August-2019
€ 2175
Advanced Bachelor level

Innovation in European Business - Track

Innovation is key for companies to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment, and is arguably the most important factor for long-term organizational success. During this track we will introduce...

08-July-2019 - 16-August-2019
€ 2275
Bachelor level

Innovation Supportive Leadership and Performance Happiness

What is the secret of one of the world’s most successful companies? Google is well known as a best-practice for creating an extraordinary climate for innovation and performance happiness. In this cour...

05-August-2019 - 16-August-2019
4.0 ECTS
€ 940.00
Bachelor level

Personal Leadership Development in a Globalized World

The course gives an overview of different theories on (business) leadership, the influence of globalization and culture in an international setting. In a globalized world management and leadership bec...

08-July-2019 - 12-July-2019
2.0 ECTS
€ 495.00
Advanced Bachelor level