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The Entrepreneurial Side of Business - Track

More and more, companies are looking for people who not only understand their own academic discipline but also have a basic understanding of business and entrepreneurship. Strange? Not at all! All sor...

08-July-2019 - 02-August-2019
€ 1600
Advanced Bachelor level

Doing Business in Europe (extended) - Track

This special track offers three different complementing approaches to the world of business from a European perspective. From a rigorous theoretical framework offering the basic knowledge on Europe an...

08-July-2019 - 16-August-2019
€ 2500
Bachelor level

Entrepreneurial Marketing: How Small Firms Can Win

Small and medium sized firms (SMEs) face different challenges than their large counterparts. For example, their marketing expertise and budgets are different. This calls for a different way to market ...

29-July-2019 - 02-August-2019
2.0 ECTS
€ 495.00
Advanced Bachelor level

A Real World Perspective: Manage Your Business Abroad

Ever wanted to run your own business and expand the company beyond your national borders? During this week you will become part of a management team with a group of like-minded students. Your goal is ...

12-August-2019 - 16-August-2019
2.0 ECTS
€ 495.00
Advanced Bachelor level