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History of Art: A Thousand Years of European Highlights - Track

Stay in three of Europe's most wonderful cities, cover around 2000 years of Western art, visit all the relevant museums and sites and yet feel like you’ve done no more than just skim th...

06 July 2020 - 14 August 2020
€ 2800
Bachelor level

History of Art: Highlights in Germany and the Netherlands - Track

This four-week course takes place two weeks each in Utrecht and Berlin. By combining studies in Utrecht and Berlin, you will be able to get a glimpse of several centuries of art history in Northern Eu...

20 July 2020 - 14 August 2020
€ 2080
Bachelor level

Kick-start Your Career in the Netherlands - Winter Edition

As an international talent finding a job that fits your ambitions and interests in the Netherlands can be challenging. Can you find your way on the Dutch job market? What are the opportuniti...

17 February 2020 - 21 February 2020
0.0 ECTS
Master level

Art in Germany from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century

The course will introduce Berlin’s outstanding art collections, which consists of a wide range of masterpieces from late medieval times to the present day. Throughout the course, we shall focus ...

03 August 2020 - 14 August 2020
4.0 ECTS
Bachelor level

Advanced Communication Skills: Between Persuasion and Empathy

Effective communication is key for high performing professionals. But many students do not learn advanced communication skills during their studies. Two experienced professionals teach you the most va...

20 July 2020 - 30 July 2020
4.0 ECTS
Advanced Bachelor level

The Future of Diplomacy & Activism: Dealing with Collective Action Problems

Do you have ideals for a better world and would you like to learn communication and negotiation skills that will inspire and engage others to join your ideas? Then this is the place for you! Duri...

13 July 2020 - 17 July 2020
2.0 ECTS
Advanced Bachelor level