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European Encounters: Diversity and Integration from West to East - Track

This track is a joint programme on European integration by the Utrecht University’s Summer School and the International Summer University of the University of Tartu. The aim of the course is to ...

06-July-2020 - 31-July-2020
€ 1250
Bachelor level

Dutch Culture in a European Context - Track

This special track offers you the opportunity to study European and Dutch culture from one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of The Netherlands; the city of Utrecht. Excursions will take you fro...

06-July-2020 - 14-August-2020
€ 1920
Bachelor level

European Studies - Track

This special track offers you the opportunity to explore the history and culture of Europe. Studying in the beautiful medieval city of Utrecht, you will not only explore the various European cultures ...

06-July-2020 - 14-August-2020
€ 1875
Bachelor level

European Encounters: The Baltics in the European Union - Track

The Baltic States share an intricate history of repression and liberation and are now thriving culturally and economically. Learn about the history and identity of these countries and their connection...

06-July-2020 - 14-August-2020
€ 1950
Bachelor level

European Cultures and Identities

Have you ever wondered what makes Europeans ‘European’? During this course you will uncover the answers while staying in the beautiful medieval city of Utrecht. You will uncover Europ...

06-July-2020 - 17-July-2020
4.0 ECTS
€ 900.00
Bachelor level

Kick-start Your Career in the Netherlands

As an international talent finding a job that fits your ambitions and interests in the Netherlands can be challenging. Can you find your way on the Dutch job market? What are the opportuniti...

20-July-2020 - 24-July-2020
0.0 ECTS
€ 475.00
Master level