Platform, Blockchain, Ecosystem: Create a Fairer System for the Creative Business Worldwide

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Advanced Bachelor

We're sorry to inform you that this course is cancelled due to COVID-19.

In this summer course you will realize through ecosystem thinking, how decentralization and technological innovations are changing the means by which the audience connects with creative work, and you will consider the ways that innovation causes controversy as old boundaries are challenged. You will work from a fully decentralized business perspective and adopt a critical mindset to decentralization and tokenization.

In the first half of this 1-week course, you are encouraged to understand the relationship between creative industry, creative business and creative economy. You will learn how the agency model is losing ground and how the Big 8 Powers are demising since we are moving from the creative industry to creative business, and from pipeline model to platforms and ecosystems. You will think critically about how value is assigned to creative work in different environments. What is a photo, film, commercial, influencer or design worth? How is creative work considered from the point of view of artists, clients, promoters and talent buyers?

In the second half of the 1-week course, we dive deeper into new technology, such as blockchain, and how it may radically change our global economy and the current business models. How it may disrupt the former disrupters; Google, Facebook and aggregators such as Airbnb. In this part, you work from a fully decentralized business perspective and to adopt a critical mindset to decentralization and tokenization. 

Course director

Drs. Nathalie Brähler


Dr. Nicolle Lamerichs, Drs. Nathalie Brähler, Drs. Jochem Herber & guest lecturers.

Target audience

Students and professionals working in or preparing for a career in creative business.

Course aim

As a final project, you create a solid ecosystem for a creative company, individually. Turning it into a platform and then into a fully decentralized business concept. Your business ideas are essential to pave the way for a new economy.

Study load

5 days, 6-8 contact hours per day, 1-2 self-study hours per day.


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Course + course materials
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Housing through: Utrecht Summer School.

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Nathalie Brähler ǀ E:  ǀ T: +31 6 51614799


Application deadline: 01 June 2020

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