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This track offers three different yet complementing approaches to the world of business from a European perspective. First, you will be introduced to the European Union and its historical, social and economic developments. Next, we will widen our view and look at the European Union as a business network. A visit to Milan, fashion capital of Europe, is included. Lastly, you will obtain hands-on practice in running a company; using your knowledge of the past weeks. In the end, you will have gained multiple new insights into the practice of doing business in Europe!

The first two weeks of this course focus on Europe as a political and economic entity on the global stage. Through a series of lectures by key experts in their field you will deepen your understanding of this very interesting assembly of nations that has played such an important role in shaping the world, while at the same time, still seems to be struggling with its position both internally and externally. Students will study Europe’s history, developments in societal aspects and focus on the impact these have had economically.

The next three weeks you will focus on Europe as a place to do business. Especially, looking at the European Union as a business network and ecosystem. Next to lectures, you will work on several interesting case studies and take part in an exciting two-day simulation. In this simulation, you will act as representatives of the European Parliament who are working on improving the economic future of Europe.

In the fourth week you will work on trends and business in the fashion and design industry. This part of the course takes you the fashion capital of Europe: Milan!. Here, you will be immersed in the Italian culture and economy and work on a contemporary and relevant case study.

In the fifth week, you will travel back to the Netherlands and study another and perhaps contrasting perspective of an industry specific to the Dutch situation. What are its trends and how does it compare to the trends and business in the fashion and design industry?

The course ends with a very intensive hands-on approach to doing business in Europe. Together with your fellow students you will work as marketeers in small teams with the goal to compete in a competitive market and to grow your business; not only profit but also the competitive advantage you build and the consistency of your strategy will determine if your company becomes the market leader.

At the end of these inspiring six weeks, you will have gained multiple new insights into the practice of doing business in Europe!

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Phil Mead

Target audience

This course is open to bachelor and master students in the field of business, marketing and finance, and to those students who have some background and/or a strong interest in these disciplines and economic topics in the EU.

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This intensive course requires a study load of more than 40 hours a week, divided in lectures, group work sessions, field trips and self study.


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