A Real World Perspective: Manage Your Business Abroad

Organizing institution
Utrecht University - Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance
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€ 495.00
Advanced Bachelor
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Ever wanted to run your own business and expand the company beyond your national borders? During this week you will become part of a management team with a group of like-minded students. Your goal is to compete in a competitive market and to grow the business; not only profit but also the competitive advantage you build and the consistency of your strategy will determine if your company becomes the market leader.

You will encounter the issues all expanding businesses face:

- What product assortment must we manufacture and sell? And how should we position the product price and quality wise?

- Where should you sell your products? And should you set up your own international sales team or license the sales to a local distributor?

- Should you produce the products in your home market and start exporting them? Or should you off-shore your production to cheaper countries?

- What are the internal strengths and weaknesses our company has compared to our competitors?

- What opportunities lay ahead of us? But also what threats do we need to tackle?

This simulation uses the balanced scorecard and basic financial statements to report the ongoing success (or failure…?) of the companies. Also, basic market research is available to use for making better strategic decisions.
Students will learn more about creating (international) strategic plans, tactical decision making and cultural differences. At the end of the week the students must pitch their companies and the team that performed best becomes the Utrecht Summer School 2016 Management Team of the Year.

This simulation is also open for student teams who do not (have to) come to Utrecht. A special fee is applicable for outside universities. Please contact the coordinator if you are interested to join without coming to Utrecht.

Download the day-to-day programme (PDF)

Course director

Drs. Peter O. van der Meer

Target audience

This course is open to bachelor and master students in the field of business, business administration, marketing and finance. It is also open to bachelor and master students in other fields, with some background or a strong interest in business. A good command of English is necessary.

Course aim

This course aims to provide you the opportunity to put your decision-making competences to the test, in an international, sometimes hectic environment. At the end of the course you have experienced your own strengths and weaknesses in the field of coordinating and cooperating in an international team in general, and in strategic marketing management in particular.

Study load

This very intensive course requires a study load of more than 30 hours a week, divided in lectures, group work sessions, obligatory field trips and self-study.


Course fee
€ 495.00
Housing fee
€ 200.00

Housing through Utrecht Summer School


We do not offer scholarships for this course

More information

Peter O. van der Meer p.o.vandermeer@uu.nl +31 (0)30 253 7416

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Europe as a Business Network, Ecosystem and Industry


Application deadline: 15 July 2019