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A four-week track especially designed for you to learn how business is being done in Europe. The learning approach consists of a blend of applied-theoretical approaches, case studies, real-life examples, excursions and a competition-like business simulation.

Please read the summary below and also the individual course descriptions to gather insight into what your 4 weeks will look like!

The price shown is applicable to current students and recent graduates. The full price that applies to non-students is 2,900 Euros.

The first three weeks will focus on Europe as a place to do business. You will explore the challenges faced by European companies, the solutions they find, and gain insight into how business cultures in the European Union influence the decision-making processes. This course combines a theoretical and practical approach. Interactive lectures, group assignments, company visits in the Netherlands, an excursion to Brussels and a study trip to Milan (Italy) will help you to shape your views on what works and what doesn’t it European Business Network, Ecosystem and Industry.

The fourth week will teach you how to plan, implement and evaluate an international brand marketing strategy within a realistic simulated environment. Together with the other participants, you will work as a marketer in a small decision-making unit of a manufacturer within a competitive industry. Your goal is to improve your firm's long-term financial performance. The performance of your team will be evaluated via a multi-factor, balanced scorecard evaluation system that includes financial, operational, and customer-facing performance metrics. Will you be in the winning team at the end of the week?

A few key elements of this course are:

  • new business models;
  • corporate social responsibility;
  • sustainable innovation;
  • creative approaches to brand identity;
  • field trips;
  • practical and applied approaches;
  • business game simulations.


The courses part of this track are the following:

Doing Business in Europe - Europe as a Business Network, Ecosystem and Industry

Global Management: Strategic Marketing, Management and Finance

Course director
Jelly J. Offereins, MA

Target audience

Students in bachelor/undergraduate studies and anyone interested in getting insight in how business in Europe works.


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Utrecht Summer School

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