From Print to Paint: Histories and Methods of Artistic Production

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Utrecht University - Faculty of Humanities
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€ 1280.00
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How do artists master their art? Does painting in oil result in different working procedures and visual effects compared to other media? Which material and technical properties determine the creative possibilities of prints, sculptures, and the applied arts? What can art historians learn from re-making art, re-working historical recipes, or reproducing material objects? This course will immerse you in discussions related to art production and (re-)making, materials and materiality, and techniques and technology. 

The course is interactive and has a firm hands-on component. It integrates methods typical for the humanities and historical disciplines with work in the studio or lab. At one moment you may find yourself decoding a recipe for paint in a historical manuscript; at another moment you might be introduced to the practicalities of the printing press. There will also be visits to museum collections to observe the artworks on display and apply what you will learn to discuss the exhibits. Upon completion, you will have deepened you knowledge about art and museums with insights from recent developments in technical art history and heritage studies.

You will benefit from Utrecht University’s Kunstlab, the relevant art and cultural heritage collections in Utrecht, and other infrastructure (see https://artechne.wp.hum.uu.nl/ ). Lab materials, travel, and entrance to museums are all included in the course fee.

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Course director

Jessie Wei-Hsuan Chen, MA

Target audience

This course is open to anyone who is interested in the topic of artistic production. No previous experience in making artworks or art history is required.


Course fee
€ 1280.00
Housing fee
€ 350.00

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Application deadline: 01 July 2019